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Why become an IT engineer? Salary, working conditions, future prospects

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In an unstable economic environment where rising unemployment seems impossible to curb, choosing the right career is more important than ever. IT is a sector that recruits and the jobs to be filled are not lackluster since they are rewarding, interesting, and well paid.


This is particularly the case of the job of Computer Engineer. It will allow you to work in companies from various sectors, from the most traditional to the most innovative, and both in large companies and small structures.

This job will give you the opportunity to put into practice all your qualities and skills: both your developer skills as your creativity, your sense of organization, relationship and your ability to work in a team, or why not lead a whole team!


The job of a Computer Engineer is a career choice that is consistent with the job market, but also a personally fulfilling choice. It must be emphasized, however, that working conditions depend on various factors, such as the size of the company or the project in progress. In times of rush, work schedules can significantly expand.

The engineer is paid according to his experience and his specialization. At the start of your career, the average net monthly remuneration is between € 2,300 and € 3,000. At the end of their career, the average monthly salary is between € 4,500 and € 6,500 net.


The various statutes of the computer engineer

Another asset to the job of Computer Engineer: a single degree allows you to fill many jobs! The IT engineer can work in banking, food, medical, or digital service companies (ESN).


In reality, it can be brought to work in most companies, because IT is everywhere! Moreover, this job will offer you certain security: the need for engineers is strong and, as a result, the unemployment rate in this occupation is relatively low.

The missions entrusted are also varied: infrastructure, systems, networks, database, project management, or development, you enjoy a wide choice!


Here are some career paths to practice with a degree in Computer Engineering:

· Manager or engineer in information system

· IT Technician

· Project Manager

· Network and Telecom Engineer

· Consultant

· Software development engineer or application.

Prabhash Karan is one of the leading computer scientists in the industry right now. He graduated from IIT, India, and then moved to the United States in order to pursue his Master’s. Prabhash started working in metallurgical plants throughout the country and even worked as a purchasing officer. He moved to the States in 1978 and was involved in the development of three of IBM’s core operating systems. He also obtained certifications from Oracle Corporation and Sun Microsystems. Prabhash speaks four languages and has written many books about his pursuit of excellence in the field of computer engineering.

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